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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reminiscing The New Year....

Hi, Hello Everyone,

Dah lama sangat rasanyer meninggalkan dunia blog. Rindu rasanyer but what to do? Life's was so hectic with I don't really know what but am still trying hard to adopt and adapt with all life's happenings until now.

What's new this year? let's start with Firhan first yekk... Of cos la kena start with the apple of my eye kan? Who else would I be talking about? Heheheh....

Firhan has started kindy. Nothing glamourous abt the kindy cos me and hubby just anta dia kat kindy yang dekat ngan umah. Tadika Kemas je. Al-maklum la. Dia tak penah berjauhan dengan umah. Nak main depan umah Tok dia pun ader je yang menunggu or else dia akan duk lam umah sampai la ader orang nak teman dia main kat luar umah. Hehehe...

The first month was tiring for the dad. Firhan kept on crying whenever the dad anta gi skolah. Not that he did not enjoy school but because he was never left being alone before. Lama jugak mende nih jadik. For almost a month jugak la. But finally it ended because after a month he was sure that nobody wants to leave him there. After repeated assurance yang mesti akan ader orang amik dia after the school ends. Alhamdulillah now he is all better and enjoys school and friends and teachers too.

However one event really touches my heart until now. This happens when I had a chance to send him to school cos I was taking the day off. As usual I woke him up, make him take his shower and wear his uniform to school. As usual I was expecting that he would at least shed a tear or two but the other way round happened. It was I who shed the tears not Firhan. He was being his jolly self, opens the car door, kissed me on the cheek, waved his hands at me and reminded me not to forget to pick him up later. He even said, "Mama jangan reverse kete lagik ye. An nak lalu belakang kete masuk skolah." Alamak, my baby boy is all grown up and I don't think that I am ready for this. Not yet! Not just yet!

Although I am not ready yet to accept the fact that my boy is all grown up, I know that I have to accept it sooner or later. Tapi I do enjoy it when he does his homework and see how fast he is picking up all the skills learnt at his school. The part yang paling I suka is when he is now into books. Heheheh... Just wish that there is a library nearby for him to go to nanti when he knows how to read because I remember that I was always being sent to the library in Alor Setar on Saturdays to read books and participate in activities yang diorang wat kat sana for kids. The part I like best is the goodies yang kitorang dapat lepas main game. Hehehehe...

Oppss.. time really flies. Need to get ready to go to my mother-in-law now. My Firhan, hubby, Niya and Danish must have been waiting for me. Agaknyer la if diorang tak gerak gi mana2 lagik..


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